Opening Gateways to Learning
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Choosing your learning path can be a daunting if not cumbersome experience. Regardless what stage in the learning lifecycle you are in, there are plenty of possible paths to follow, not to mention so many options within each path and so much information to sift through. This can result in a very time consuming and confusing journey which can lead to inaction or simply a rushed decision without careful and thoughtful planning.

Our goal is to simplify this process by providing you with the resources, tools, applications and assessments to assist in choosing a compatible learning path: whether a university or college program, summer college prep or academic enrichment camp, private boarding school, vocational school training or a post-graduate certificate or degree program. We will help open some of the doors leading to favorable learning destinations and assist you in identifying some of the criteria you need to examine when making a choice about your academic or educational career.

We hope you enjoy exploring your gateways to learning.

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