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Educational Coaching

The GAINLearning Center provides personal coaching and ongoing support to college students who are navigating through the unfamiliar maze of their college experience.  This learner support service is provided through a dedicated team of young life coaches and can be weaved into our end-to-end educational placement solutions.  This ‘home away from home’ service component caters specifically to students who come from overseas to enroll in US-based educational institutions, and aims at helping them maximize academic potential and enhance social and life skills for the duration of stay in their host country.  Our experienced life coaches are professionally trained in the field of human behavior, psychology and education.  They are also highly skilled in the area of cultural competence to handle the unique needs of students coming from overseas.

Our one-on-one educational guidance and coaching solutions help students fully leverage their creative talents and newly acquired skills while maximizing their human potential.  These services include:

  • Coordinating private tutoring
  • Monitoring academic progress
  • Maintaining contact with school personnel
  • Managing travel itineraries
  • Planning excursions during holidays and school breaks

Our young life coaches are readily available to answer questions and respond to serious concerns as well as manage crisis situations arising throughout the duration of the students’ academic, social or interpersonal lives while in the United States.