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Application Deadlines

Important Deadlines for International Students to keep in mind

  • Deadlines generally begin in February through March with some exceptions.  Some schools run on a rolling basis, which allows applications until July with decisions being made as applications are received.  More competitive schools and competitive programs will have earlier application deadlines, generally November and December of the previous year.
  • Plan on having applications and all supporting documents done by Christmas the year before unless a specific school has an earlier deadline.  Deadlines are last days that they can be submitted, it is always good to get things in early.
  • Begin writing essay or personal statement early the year before or over the summer.  This helps spread out the work for the application and gives plenty of time for review and editing.

For Fall 2017

  • It’s best to always apply early for admissions especially for programs in the science or business field since they are the most common major areas.
  • Early deadlines in these fields are fast approaching in December, January and February.
  • Later deadlines will often be in March or April.

For Spring 2018

  • Application deadlines for spring semester 2018 generally fall October through November.  Planning on getting applications done and all supporting documents together by October 1st.
  • It is imperative to take any standardized tests during the late summer to ensure that the scores are processed and submitted before deadlines.

Note: not all programs admit students during spring semester.  Check major requirements along with university requirements.