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In How Many Languages Could You Be ❤️❤️ and Be Loved?

We already know that Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide but have you ever wondered how each language/culture manifests the expression of love?  In the United States, we have an abundance of love and use the word sparingly for just about anything whether it’s to describe our love for the outdoors, the movies, sports and music.  […]
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Nature + Nurture: Parents Role in Maximizing their Child’s Potential

The Nature vs. Nurture debate is one of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology.  Essentially, the debate centers on how much of a person’s development stems from their DNA vs. how much of it is influenced by their life’s experiences and environment.  While a child’s physical features can be often attributed to one […]
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2016-2017: A Year in Review at Gain Ville

This past year, Gain Ville has seen many exciting developments.  We introduced our new thematic curriculum structure which is based on monthly immersion themes for children PreK-3rd grade and quarterly cultural themes for Grades 4-12.  These thematic modules build upon Gain Ville’s unique language & cultural immersion method while providing a standardized format based on […]
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Family Immersion Trips

Does this sound like you? Your child has been studying a foreign language for some time, and isn’t quite old enough to take an immersion trip on their own. Perhaps you also have some familiarity with, or fluency in, your child’s second language and would like to practice using your second language skills together. As […]
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Benefits of Hosting

While the prospect of adding another member to the household for a lengthy stay can make families hesitant to host an exchange student for any number of reasons, those who have chosen to bring an international student into their home rarely regret doing so. Hosting an international student is an incredible way to experience cross-cultural […]
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New Spring trimester kicks off following Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

Gain Ville’s World Language Program kicks off again for an intensive 8-week language immersion session on April 30 through June 25. Among the classes being offered for this Spring session include PreK Italian and Italian for 1st-5th Grade, , French for 1st-5th Grade, two sections of PreK Spanish on Saturdays, as well as two weekday […]
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2015 Was Quite the Year for GainVille Learning Center
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Gain Ville, an accredited center for learning

As the gold standard for measuring and evaluating school performance, The Middle States Association on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA) has welcomed Gain Ville Learning Center into its network of schools and school systems in 18 states and Puerto Rico and 20 countries. Since the visiting team made its recommendation for accreditation in May 2015 […]
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As a parent, you can give your kid one non-negotiable. We chose the gift of language!

Being a parent is not always easy!  Figuring out what, how and when to do certain things for your children is not always obvious.  Each family has its own culture and each child is a product of its culture, so no two children are alike. Oftentimes, children from the same family differ by preferences and […]
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Accreditation Site Visit May 11-12, 2015

We are thrilled to announce the dates of our accreditation visit by the Middle States Association Visiting Team on Monday May 11 and Tuesday May 12, 2015.   This visit is a culmination of an 18 month self study process following the candidacy visit in Fall 2013.  Gain Ville learning center is seeking accreditation as […]
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