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2016-2017: A Year in Review at Gain Ville

This past year, Gain Ville has seen many exciting developments.  We introduced our new thematic curriculum structure which is based on monthly immersion themes for children PreK-3rd grade and quarterly cultural themes for Grades 4-12.  These thematic modules build upon Gain Ville’s unique language & cultural immersion method while providing a standardized format based on both the New Jersey World Language core curriculum standards as well as the ACTFL language proficiency standards, in turn provided by the Accredited Council for Teaching Foreign Languages.

Other developments for 2016-2017 included the introduction of student textbooks for all four languages provided at Gain Ville including Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.  Prior to distribution to our students, we provided instructional materials, training and support for chosen educational materials at varied proficiency levels.  We created a model pacing guide for our on-site and off-site Spanish programs and plan to apply across all languages for the 2017-2018 academic year.

In 2017, we identified value-added partnerships with organizations that showed congruency with our goal of sowing the seeds of global citizenship.  We also forged an exciting partnership to provide our local community with an opportunity to extend the learning experience outside the boundaries of our classroom and to take language acquisition to another level.  Through our collaboration with Xperitas, a nonprofit educational organization providing travel immersion programs, we deliver on our end to end promise of providing families and student learners with the opportunity to embark on an authentic immersion experience!

This Spring marked the official launch of our full-time English as a Second Language (ESL) program with enrolled international students holding an F-1 student visa provided by Gain Ville.  We have partnerships in place to extend our reach into the global student marketplace and are interested in forging others.  If you or a member of your network resides and/or has access to global markets, we are interested in speaking with you.  Our ESL program enjoys a unique competitive advantage including small classrooms, leveled placement, optional educational counseling and college/university placement, and a truly exemplary educational environment.  Our learning center at Rutherford boasts a combination of old and new, in a quaint suburban town, within walking distance to major transportation to New York City.  We also offer both students and visitors with an on-site café and a Free-Wi-Fi environment with a cultural library and a global selection of TV programming.

We are proud to announce that we have increased our presence at both public and private schools by holding language enrichment programs throughout Bergen County.  Whether you are a principal interested in adding language programs to your afterschool offerings, or a parent interested in bringing a foreign language to your child’s school, we would love to hear from you.

We would like to thank our team of teachers, staff, students, parents, principles, partners and all members of the community who entrusted us as we introduced new partner programs and provided us with a greater reach to their communities.   We both appreciate and value your support along this exciting journey as we continue to work together to infuse improved processes and value-added educational schemes into our programs and services.

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